Sunday, 29 October 2017

Post 10

Another fab Halloween outfit from Totsipop!

Spooky Halloween pose from P.O.S.E

 I feel like someone is watching me !
I seem to have found another friend while in the Totsipop Haunted House!

  Shape/Body - Totsipop Baby

Head -Totsipop Baby Elf head
(This is my fav head at the moment, it has the cute little elf ears and a lovely misty complexion)

Skin-Totsipop Baby starter skin/ shade custom

A perfect Mess by Majika

Totsipops Devil Costume

I have been running around in the Devil outfit for days, prodding my family with the pitch fork to test if they are done yet ......hahahaha..... think I may be enjoying Halloween just a little too much!

Friday, 27 October 2017

🌷 Post 9 🌷

I have just finished the Totsipop Halloween hunt and could not believe how fab the prizes are!
so had to give you a glimpse of just a few of the freebies!  

To all you Totsipops kids out there if you haven't yet done the hunt go do it !
There are some amazballs prizes, here are just a few ! Don't miss out !

This gorgeous unicorn outfit is one of the prizes! those who know me know I am a huge uni fan so this made my day!

                                                       Love these Jack o latern jammies.

How cute is this outfit ! my little ghost friend is also a hunt prize! from Lil Heathenz

Look out for the pumpkins !

you will be spoilt for choice for your Halloween costume !

There is even a haunted house ! are you brave enough ....

Thursday, 26 October 2017

🌷 Post 8 🌷

 I so wanted that puppy!


                                                          Shape/Body - Totsipop Baby

Head -Totsipop Baby Elf head

Skin-Totsipop Baby starter skin/ shade custom

Hair- Doe, Bethany, Blonde

Paci-[Killis] Web Pacifier (Beta) V1.23

My oufit is 'Bree'  by Itsy Bitsy

This lovely little rompa outfit comes with cute sandals!