Saturday, 8 July 2017

Post 1

Yay an stuff!!!... Welcomes to my blog, I am so excited to be starting my first ever blog!
I love being a Totsipop soooo much I wanted to let you all know what fab things are out there for us Totsispops kids, hope you enjoy along with me.


Shape/Body - Totsipop Baby

Head -Totsipop Baby Elf head

Skin-Totsipop Baby starter skin/ shade custom

Hair- Doe, Bethany, Blonde

Outfit-Chill Out Outfit 1-By Hanta
The outfit comprises of shorts, top, sandals, sunglasses and bag!
A colour changing hud with 3 options for each article so lots of mix and match opportunities
also extra colours on hud for group members !

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