Monday, 4 December 2017

# Sweet Tots Turner

Ok........ So I was out skating in my new Sweet Tots outfit, just minding my own business when the ice begins to shake and I hear a deep me skates off like mad !
I takes a look behind me and clomping across the ice is a big snow ball monster!
Sweet Tots have their amazing Christmas hunt on right now maybe he was chasing me for clues ! Good job I had my Sweet Tots Skates on!
To be able to escape quickly like me you must wear:

Outfit: ~*Sweet Tots~ TD~ IceSk8G~ Sweet Turner
This fab outfit incudes, boots with addable skate blades ! Ear muffs, tights, scarf, gloves, skirt and shirt with motif

My Basic look
Shape: Skye by Organic  at the Ninety Nine event

Hair: TRUTH HAIR  Loni -  light blondes

Sweet Tots In world store

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