Thursday, 8 February 2018

#Lil Scamps at Grabby Hands

Yay Grabby Hands Event is here ! The event runs from  February 7th  thru to the 28th.
With just one week to go until Valentines day I have been busy getting cards and gifts for all my friends, while shopping I found this adoraballs Puffy Jumper from Lil Scamps, look at the detail on the bodice, its is so pretty!  The outfit comes in three colours, pink, lilac and blue for TD Baby and Bebe.

I am wearing

What's around me 

  • Pose: This is a male pose but it worked fab for me so I used it, it comes with 3 different cards to hold, it is by p.o.S.E  and is called 'cards male  Bento'
  • Backdrop:  Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Love Scene 1
  • Location: My Nana's House

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